In this section we go over the frequently asked questions associated with playing the game. Though a very simple and easy to understand game in the initial stages; the layers and depth of the game can leave many new users lost.

Q: What is LaLaFame?

A: LaLaFame is a social media portal, game and leader board of the Internet. Anyone can play as long as they remain a chivalrous and noble person. Bad behavior can get you demoted or even banned, depending on the crime. If you get banned you can submit an appeal before the High Court.

You start as a Peasant until you see the Magician who will help you decide on a life path of Scribe, Alchemist or Knight and work your way to the top rank of Grand Master. Each rank has perks or functions.

Q: Who can join? 

A: Anyone can join. Membership is free. 

Q: I came here for the $1,000 Cash Prize, how do I win?

A: Whoever releases Audubon from the Pleiades Court wins and is assigned the rank of Grand Master.

Q: How do I join?

A: Anyone that wishes to join or be elected as a high rank must first be invited. You can submit an invite request to the main page ( where your profile will be reviewed to ensure you are human (not a spam bot). You can add a real or pen name, choose a character Identity and your role in the game as an Alchemist, Scribe or Knight.

Q: Is There An Age Requirement?

A: Most social media sites require you to be 13 years old to have an account, therefore in some instances you may be hindered from certain aspects of the game if you do not have social media access.

Q: How do I get a high rank?

A: By winning games (i.e. activities, riddles, scavenger hunts) collecting source stone, collaborating and many other ways.

Q: I'd Like To Run For Commissioner or Judge, Can I buy votes on Reddit?

A: Purchasing or rewarding voters in any way (to include Gilding) is prohibited and grounds for permanent disqualification.

Q: What are Decrees and Motions?

A: This is reserved for high ranking Committee Members. A person can suggest a useful idea or method that makes LaLaFame better, more useful or entertaining etc. That idea is called a Motion. A person can post that motion/idea to try and get enough votes via social media channels (*motion votes adhere to election votes rules) to be voted on by Committee Members (see Ranks and Purposes.) Once a motion is agreed upon (voted on) by Committee Members it then becomes a Decree. Decrees are the laws of the Land of the LaLaFame.

Q: Do titles have actual power?

A: Yes. Knights for instance are often skilled with combat and various forms of weaponry. Their services are in high demand from other non-combat related players. Scribes too, because of their intellect and understanding of the game, can act as legal counsel if a player breaks a rule and faces judicial punishment (to include bans or restrictions.) Commissioners and above share voting rights within the committee to pass decrees that make the game better or more useful. So yes, there is actual power related to the other game players, along with a system of checks and balances to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Q: Can I become a committee member?

A: Yes, anyone can achieve rank all the way to Grand Master. Committee members are subject to terms, and can be voted in and out of office in some cases by non-committee members or exclusively by committee members. Most winners at the Grand Master level become free roaming Wizards, because it does not require them to perform tasks or meet responsibilities.

Q: Can members earn money?

A: Yes. You can buy Source Stone, Deeds, Equipment and sell them to buyers at a profit. You can make money providing services (like security or legal counsel) to other players with certain abilities or skills that they don't have.

Q: Where do I buy Deeds?

A: You can buy deeds from an Alchemist.

Q: How do I claim taxes?

A: Prizes are not taxable, but if you create a position in the game, it must go through a taxable entity like Fiverr or Upwork. Any legal business you set up to profit from consulting other game players in LaLaFame must be done through real and legal channels. Since swaps, trades and sales of items in the game must go through the website vendor system, it is difficult for scammers to manipulate the system; however any attempt to thwart this system is considered illegal and is grounds for permanent removal from the game.

Q: If LaLaFame does not use Adsense, how does it make money?

A: We sell apparel and other fan merchandise and make money from in-game purchases.

Q: Can anyone make/suggest Motions?

 A: No. Peasants cannot make Motions but Scribes can.