Different Types of Game Play

If you have never played a traditional role playing game, LaLaFame may be a challenge. But thanks to the internet, your acting skills and abilities are not as critical as they would be in a board game.

Playing in LaLaFame is almost like starring in a movie. You are playing a leading role in the film, along with other players, in an adventure that many people are simultaneously collaborating and competing in. Understanding this will help you realize that there is a grand story unfolding as you play the game.

The main goal of course is to find the treasure, which is a real cash prize. This is the single most important goal in the game, though a wide variety of other activities are available.

Perhaps you may decide to utilize your time battling rogue legions? This would require you to learn the art of weapons and eventually pass the selection course to earning your place in the Knight's of the Round Table. By doing so you could join an army of Knights that defend and protect other players in the game.

Furthermore, you may want to stay focused on attaining rank, saving your stash of source stone and working your way toward the elite upper echelon's of power. If you choose this route, game play is fairly straightforward in that you navigate through the game portals; solving mysteries, forming alliances, learning as much as you can and being a useful contributor/companion to others with the same pursuit. There are no rules against splitting bounties on prizes, so many people choose to form their own groups with this purpose in mind.

Thirdly you may decide to strictly play the game for money making purposes or to get famous (i.e. get traffic) to your website or someone else's website. There is a special group of people in this field and they are called Alchemists. You generally don't interact with these people on a regular basis, since their main purpose in the game is buying up deeds & equipment or participating in the content aspect of game play. Alchemists are the investment/business side of LaLaFame and as a result do not usually interfere or engage in traditional game play.

Choosing A Role

Assuming you are a peasant and new to the game, you will have navigated your way to the Magician's Lair, which is where you decide which strategy best suits you in the game.

Your choices are; Alchemist, Scribe and Knight.

These are critical decisions, and should not be taken lightly, since they will affect and follow your character indefinitely throughout the course of the game. The dialogue with the Magician will help you understand your options. These options are best defined by their roles as such:

  1. Do want to play this game with the sole intention of being famous or making money? If the answer is yes, you would choose the route of an Alchemist.
  2. Do you want to play this game to achieve the highest rank and power? If yes, the fastest way is to become a Scribe.
  3. Do you see yourself best suited for protecting other players? Being a security consultant? Amassing an arsenal of weapons and being hired to defend other game players against formidable forces? If the answer is yes, Knighthood is the route to go.

Character Identity

Even though your role in the game allows you to participate in a host of functions, it does not have the slightest thing to do with your character's identity. You can literally choose any character persona or identity you wish. You could make up an entirely new character or act out the character from a book, TV Show or Fandom. Be warned; character selection from Fandoms is on a first come first serve basis, so if someone has already chosen for instance "Batman" or "Roland Deschain" as their character Identity, you cannot use their character. You can make a variation of their character, an alter-ego or variation of the character (i.e. a Venom symbiote to Spiderman or Clark Kent to Superman) but you cannot take a character identity from someone that has already chosen to be them.

Because LaLaFame verifies each account made to ensure real humans are being assigned profiles in the game, it is unlikely that one person could create multiple accounts with multiple characters. This prevents users from scalping identities and attempting to sell them for profit.

Swapping character identities is okay, though this does not allow you to disconnect the "identity notes" from your profile. Those will stay with your profile indefinitely and cannot be removed (this is why we strongly urge members to be chivalrous and noble players from day one; anyone can write on your profile wall so be cognizant of how you treat other players.)

Also keep in mind that if you decide to sell your character identity, you are not protected from theft or scams unless the swap/trade is made official through the game.

Swapping character identities does not change your rank role in the game either. Even if you choose to stop playing Superman and become Batman, your rank as a Knight or Commissioner will stay the same.